Monday, February 16, 2009

+ The months after Zuda's November Competition.

Hey people, well it's been a long time since I posted here. For those that don't know what happened with The Zuda competition of November, my title Hijos de P, ended 4th.
The following months I continued working on other things I had to finish (some illustrations for a health book, which I hope to have soon in my hands and post some pics of it), and I've also been traveling a lot around South America (Peru, Bolivia and Brasil). So I haven't had time to work on the comic stuff. I'm still enjoying my vacation here in Rio de Janeiro (an awesome city, with nice places, nice people, nice beaches and most of all, really really nice girls) but although I'm on vacation I've sketching out some ideas I had in mind for a comic i'm really into, I don't know if I'll submit it to Zuda, or any other company, but I'm really looking forward to see how it ends.
By the moment I'll leave a sketch of one of the characters.
That's all folks, and thanks to who ever reads this, for reading it xD.


RKB said...

I'm reading it!!! ;) :)

Amancay N. Nahuelpán B. said...

hahaha cool!
so i'll keep on writnig more stuff xD

Brewster said...

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